About KGA

Kansas Graziers Association is a grassroots organization administered by farmers and ranchers and is dedicated to the continuing improvement of the profitability and quality of life of livestock producers.

KGA started in January 2000 in an effort to link the grazing clusters of the Heartland Network together, by coordinating and promoting educational activities about year-round grazing using advanced techniques and forages. Seeking to link the grazing clusters of the Heartland Network together, the association holds a one-day winter grazing conference and summer grazing tours.

As most other states have their own grazing conferences, David Morrison and Duane Schierling, co-founders of the KGA, both saw the need for a statewide grazing conference in Kansas, particularly one that would promote sustainable methods and bring in those not necessarily associated with sustainable farming. David acknowledges that "mainstream [agriculture] is coming on board slowly but surely" as far as implementing newer types of grazing techniques.

KGA would like to expand their reach of influence to the "four corners of Kansas," and increase their number of summer grazing tours and pasture walks. KGA also seeks to help farmers and ranchers improve their management skills to the fullest potential and keep families farming. "We have the technology, but we have to maximize the resources," says Duane.

The cost for membership in KGA is $20.00 per year per farm, ranch, or individual not active in production agriculture. Commercial membership cost is $50.00 per year per company.

The Kansas Graziers Association welcomes interested persons as members. If you would like more information please contact Mary Howell, Secretary:

Mary Howell KGA
1723 Wildcat Rd
Frankfort, Kansas 66427.

Call 785-562-8726 or e-mail Mary at kfu.mary@gmail.com.
The group also welcomes any suggestions and ideas that you might have, please forward them to Mary.

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